AC Extension pack

Are you complete beginner to Assetto Corsa simulator but you heard about something called “shader patch” and “SOL”, but you feel like you are not an IT expert to install it all? TMM presents the collection of most used mods and extensions – Content Manager, Custom Shader Patch, SOL and some usefull apps in one pack.


TMM is not responsible for content and functionality of the mods included in this package.

How to install it:

  1. Extract the archive to Assetto Corsa root directory (overwrite files if necessary).
  2. Open Assetto Corsa directory and create desktop shortcut for Content Manager.
  3. Run Content Manager. From this moment you can forget vanilla launcher.
  4. Fill in all necessary information and click OK to save settings.
  5. Go to Settings – Assetto Corsa – Apps and activate Sol Config, Sol Planner, Sol Weather app, Sol Custom Weather, KissMyRank and Sidekick app.
  6. Go to Settings – Custom Shader patch – Weather FX and choose Sol 2.2 from Controller script and Weather script dropdown menu or use “SimplePPoff” if you have low end PC.
  7. Choose car and track combination and run AC, then go to app panel and find Sol Config app, open it and choose your preferred performance settings and save it.
  8. Everything should be prepared now.

Some tips for Content manager:

  1. We recommend to support CM creator and buy full version of CM, for merely 3$ you will get full functionality and a lot of cool features.
  2. In the first run don’t forget to save default settings of Custom Shader patch, video and audio tab, you will be able to go back to it if needed later.
  3. You can change display language of CM in Settings – Content Manager – Language & Regional

Download link:

AC Extension pack March 2023

Recommended CSP settings (WIP)

To use these settings just click on the link and open it with Content Manager.

Potato PC settings” (Fuzo) – if you struggle with FPS a lot

“CSP Default settings” – this is how it should be configured after installation

Screenshots settings” (Fuzo) – let’s kill that damn PC 🙂