Oschersleben 1.60

April 6, 2019 By Fuzo
  • Version 1.60
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  • Create Date April 6, 2019
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Oschersleben for Assetto Corsa By Fuzo (TM-Modding team) - Conversion from rFactor 2 with permission and support from original author Digga (SRT).

Track features:

  • 34 pit boxes
  • 2 layouts - GP, moto
  • Working AI
  • TV cameras
  • 2D and 3D crowds
  • Track grooves
  • Pre-generated VAO for Shader Patch
  • High-poly road mesh
  • CSP lights and rain support


  • all credits go to Digga and his modding team, he did all the awesome work on this track for rFactor 2, I just converted it and added some Assetto Corsa features :)


  • Extract the archive to Assetto Corsa root directory. For best results delete all previous installations in content/tracks/tmm_oschersleben and acc_oschersleben directories.


- fixed double mesh in first chicane (tire wall)
- fixed some issues in CSP configuration
- added some new features to CSP config

- reworked trees to Y shape
- added the barrier to chicane to prevent cutting
- reduced height of collision mesh for plastic columns along the track
- added some new features to CSP config


- kerbs and green asphalt zones set to "valid" again


- added new "Club" layout
- improved basic camera sets
- improved some materials around the track
- fixed flickering meshes around the track
- added shader patch config

- improved grooves textures and settings
- reworked foliage around the track (mesh optimisation)
- fixed some overlapping and flickering textures around the track
- slightly edited some tree textures
- fixed some errors in ini files

- added VAO v4 support

- improved some advertisement textures
- added time attack mode support

- added 3D marshals and personnel around the track
- slightly improved overall track performance
- fixed wrong object naming causing different visual quality modes not working
- fixed wrong description for Moto layout

- fixed groove mesh at the Hasseroder curve
- fixed pit workers position in moto layout
- modified AI line in T1 in GP layout
- fixed AI line boundaries in moto layout
- overall track material brightness tuning
- updated grass texture map
- updated minor shader patch lights settings
- added hotlap starting possition
- added DRS zones
- added track descriptions
- added test reverb to the main grandstand