Renault Clio Cup X98 1.2

January 10, 2021 By Fuzo
  • Version 1.2
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  • Create Date January 10, 2021
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Renault Sport is very well known and estabilished racing mark. The Renault Clio Cup is a one-make racing series created and managed by Renault Sport. As the name suggests, Renault Clio cars are used, and are grouped in various national championships and an International Cup.

About the mod

This mod is our interpretation of Renault Clio Cup car. Developed with assistance of real drivers and engineers, you can enjoy very close representation of cup car racing with custom sounds and accurate physics.

Mod history

This mod was created and optimized primarily for online community racing. Base 3D model was provided by, some parts were as always reworked to our needs, some created from scratch or remodeled by Fuzo, physics was created  by Fuzo (credits to "AC Cars reworked" Clio version for inspiration), sounds were created by ACFan.

This car was created primarily for multiplayer community racing and won't contain real skins from any real championship.

Actual version of this mod utilizes features like:

  • Close-to-real physics by TM-Modding team
  • Damageable windows, lights, new damage textures
  • working Windshield FX/rain support
  • deformable motorhood
Main people involved in this mod:
  • Roman “Fuzo” Fusaty – project management, 3D modeling, file assembling, physics, AI tuning
  • Michal “Weron” Soltes – data analysis, aero and testing
  • ACFan –sound modding


Big thanks to for 3D model, AC Cars Reworked for inspiration in their decent quality Clio mod (this mod is quite good but we decided to make our own version from scratch from available real data) and of course thanks to ACFan (SHR Modding)

Please do not modify, convert, reupload to other websites or use the car physics without our permission.


  1. Just extract the archive to Assetto Corsa/content/cars  directory.
  2. Allow files to be updated/rewritten if asked.

Fixes and updates:


  • fixed issues with normals and smoothing on wheels in LOD A-C
  • fixed some other small issues around the mod


  • reworked tyre model
  • fixed brake temperatures and cooling
  • reworked aero
  • fixed some errors in data
  • fixed some damaged normals on wheels and wheel blur objects
  • added new dash page and racelogic display
  • reworked suspension geometry - front and real roll centres, COG


  • initial public release