Škoda 130 RS Hillclimb 1.3

August 11, 2021 By Fuzo
  • Version 1.3
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  • File Size 45 MB
  • Create Date August 11, 2021
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For ŠKODA fans, the Holy Grail of classic racecars is, arguably, the 130 RS. Dubbed “Porsche of the East” in its days, the sleek racecar was a legend in 1970s. It was successful not only in its home country of Czechoslovakia, but also on world and European rally circuits as well as in track racing and hillclimb events.

About the mod

This is the hillclimb version of Skoda 130 RS. Usually build with custom parts and the most powerfull version of the 1.3l engine and 5 speed gearbox makes this version  fastest of the three.

Mod history

Main people involved in this mod:
  • Roman “Fuzo” Fusaty – project management, 3D modeling, file assembling, dash and lights settings, AI tuning
  • Michal “Weron” Soltes – physics specialist, data analysis and testing
  • Tomas “Lumptom” Hrouda – engine modeling
  • Mr. Andrisek - special thanks for providing data for the engine and some other stuff

To use this mod you need to use it Custom Shader patch v. 0.1.78 or higher.

Some added functions bound to Extra keys:

Extra A - open small window on driver's side
Extra B - open rear hood


Big thanks to AHTOAH for 3D model and for the permission to use and modify it, big “Thanks” to ACFan for modifiing sounds for higher revolutions, thanks to people which encouraged us and helped with feedback and testing. Biggest thanks goes to RacingtechCZ for the encouragement and for showing us the way how to bring this “beauty” to life.

Please do not modify, convert, reupload to other websites or use any part of it (physics/3D/textures/sound) without our permission.


  1. Just extract "content" folder to your installation folder of Assetto Corsa. For example C:/Program Files (x86)/Steamsteamapps/common/assettocorsa
  2. Allow files to be updated/rewritten when asked.

Fixes and updates:


  • reworked rear suspension according to new data
  • reworked tyre wear and temperature profile
  • fixed STEER_ASSIST value to 1
  • reworked suspension animation to constraint type
  • added animation to driver's feet
  • some other small tweaks which I don't remember 😀