Škoda 130 RS Rally 1.6

January 24, 2020 By Fuzo
  • Version 1.5
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  • File Size 45 MB
  • Create Date January 24, 2020
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For ŠKODA fans, the Holy Grail of classic racecars is, arguably, the 130 RS. Dubbed “Porsche of the East” in its days, the sleek racecar was a legend in 1970s. It was successful not only in its home country of Czechoslovakia, but also on world and European rally circuits as well as in track racing.

About the mod

This mod is second mod created by our modding team. There are some Skoda 130 RS mods around but their quality is questionable, we wanted to do proper version of “the legend” because this car deserves to have decent mod for Assetto Corsa. As these cars were highly modified by their real owners, we decided to recreate factory version of it, with specs from A2 group homologation issued in year 1975. This mod is our take on rally version of this legendary car.

Mod history

To find decent 3D model of this kind of car is quite hard, but we were quite lucky to get our hands on 3D model created in 2011 for GT Legends sim by Bulgarian modder AHTOAH. With his permission, we updated the 3D model in various areas. We tried to get the model to best possible fit with real car as possible. In the end, almost 70% of the model was remodeled or updated. The interior of the vehicle was vastly reworked and we added some small details which weren’t preset in Ahtoah’s version. As our modding team is evolving and improving its skills, we tried to utilize all possible technologies and possibilities of Assetto Corsa for this mod, for example:

  • fully animated suspension – moving arms, dampers, springs, steer rods
  • fully animated shifting including skinned mesh on the gearbox lever rubber cover
  • custom driver steering animation to fit the custom steering wheel
  • visually damageable parts of the vehicle – front bumper, motorhood, rear hood
  • fully modeled engine with animated pulleys
  • working wiper animation
  • gearbox lever, damaged vehicle parts, engine and exhaust vibrations

This mod includes some of the “Shader Patch” features:

  • working turning lights
  • working backward lights
  • working Windshield FX/rain support
  • working odometer on the dashboard

As our team still misses sound modder, we had to take advantage of sound from Ford Escort 1600 (track version) and Alfa Romeo GTA (rally version) from Kunos, until we find someone who will be able to create original sound for our mod.

Main people involved in this mod:
  • Roman “Fuzo” Fusaty – project management, 3D modeling, file assembling, dash and lights settings, AI tuning
  • Michal “Weron” Soltes – physics specialist, data analysis and testing
  • Tomas “Lumptom” Hrouda – engine modeling
  • Marcelo Barri - skins, some ideas how to improve mod

To fully enjoy this mod we suggest to use it with Custom Shader patch v. 0.1.62 or higher.

Some added functions bound to Extra keys:

Extra A - extra lights on/off
Extra B - open small window on driver's side
Extra C - open rear hood

To use this mod you need to use it Custom Shader patch v. 0.1.62 or higher.

How to setup and drive this car

As this car is quite old car the possibilities to set it up are quite restricted. This car is “rear wheel drive” car but with rear mounted engine, but thanks to the suspension geometry it is quite lively, oversteery and very fun to drive. Thanks to quite big turning range of the front wheels you can catch the oversteer and control it. Watch for tire temperatures and don’t forget about heating up the brakes. But be careful with braking, this car doesn’t have ABS system and it’s quite easy to lock the brakes.


Big thanks to AHTOAH for 3D model and for the permission to use and modify it, big “Thanks” to Kunos for their Ford Escort 1600 ant AR GTA sounds all people which encouraged us and helped with feedback and testing. Biggest thanks goes to RacingtechCZ for the encouragement and for showing us the way how to bring this “beauty” to life.

Please do not modify, convert, reupload to other websites or use any part of it (physics/3D/textures/sound) without our permission.


  1. Just extract "content" folder to your installation folder of Assetto Corsa. For example C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonssettocorsa
  2. Allow files to be updated/rewritten when asked.

Fixes and updates:


  • reworked suspension physics
  • fixed some issues across the whole mod


  • reworked suspension animation
  • added some new csp features


  • improved engine performance values according to real data
  • fixed some values and value ranges in setup screen
  • set correct gearbox ratios and setup possibilies
  • slightly tweaked front axle geometry
  • added some additional CSP goodies like wokring tripmasters, openable driver window (extra option B), engine cover (extra option C)


  • improved some materials around the mod
  • improved some textures
  • reworked suspension physics
  • added new custom sound (thx ACFan)
  • addes some goodies for CSP
  • LODs are deleted for now, need to be reworked


  • Improved interior mapping and AO interior texture on Rally version
  • Improved rally version tyre textures
  • Slightly improved wiper animations on rally version
  • Fixed alpha blending and alpha testing on some transparent materials


  • Fixed flipped mirror mapping in both versions
  • fixed issues with auto-shift in both versions
  • slightly increased paddle shifting timing in both versions
  • fixed issues when forced TC/ABS on
  • fixed suspension animation issues for both versions
  • added ride height limit for track version
  • fixed internal and external windows mapping
  • fixed skinned mesh on gearbox lever on track version
  • fixed gearbox lever animation issues on both versions
  • fixes some minor issues with tyre config files
  • improved interior mapping and added AO texture
  • improved/optimized some textures across the whole mod


  • initial public release of Skoda 130 RS and Skoda 130 RS Rally mod