Skoda Octavia Cup 2018 2.2

April 5, 2019 By Fuzo
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Company BENET, s.r.o. presents Octavia Cup, a single make trophy of identical circuit racers. Based on 3rd. generation of Skoda Octavia RS made in 2015, this project aims to follow in its predecessor footsteps by offering a high-value sports event that is not only interesting for the audience, but also helps young talented drivers to enter the world of motorsport.

About the mod

It took more than 2 years and a lot of time and effort to create this version of the mod. It was quite a road, we’ve learned a lot, gained a lot of modding experience and this should be the ultimate result . Our aim was to create full “product” optimized mainly for multiplayer racing, so if you like close metal to metal racing and don’t despise FWD cars give it a try
Mod history
The development of this mod started in 5/2018. As there was no proper 3D model of Skoda Octavia Cup available, we decided to use scratch made commercial model of Skoda Octavia RS, which was vastly modified with author’s permission to suit our needs. The whole interior, rims, tires and lot of other small
or big details were remodeled and textured from scratch by our team. The whole physics, overall car behavior and sound was built from scratch as well. During the process of creating this mod we even received permission to use “Skoda” logo from the actual car manufacturer – Skoda Mlada Boleslav and permission to use Octavia Cup logos from the real Octavia Cup representatives.
To create the 1.0 version of this mod took about 6 months of developing, learning and testing. We drove more than 10.000 virtual kilometers at testing this car before first release. The number of hours invested to this mod is unknown. At the moment of releasing v.2.0+ there was gathered more than 5GB of working data and 70+ iterations of the main 3D Studio MAX project and we spent countless hours improving it.

Main people involved in this mod:

▪ Roman “Fuzo” Fusaty – project management, 3D modeling, file assembling, dash and lights settings, AI tuning, suspension physics
▪ Michal “Weron” Soltes – physics, data analysis and testing
▪ Tomas “Lumptom” Hrouda – interior and accessories 3D modeling
▪ Mach77 – initial sound project used in v. 1 – 2.1
▪ ACFan – sound modding for v. 2.2
Additional contributors:
▪ RacingtechCZ – Virtual OC skins, physics guidance and testing
▪ Joshuax VGOS – tire model tuning and testing
▪ TheSourceOfTheNile – real Octavia Cup skins, testing
▪ Trewor – additional 3D modeling
▪ Arch – physics consulting

Mod features

Our main goal was to recreate the real Octavia Cup car as close as possible. But still, there are some Assetto Corsa limitations which forced us to make compromises in some areas.
Some highlights of our mod:
▪ physics created with help of real data
▪ accurate 3D model
▪ working door and wiper animations
▪ shader patch support

How to setup this car

This car doesn’t have Traction Control or ABS system or any other electronic assistance, but has the DSG gearbox so you won’t need clutch at all, it is automatic. As this is the front wheel drive car, you can experience some understeer as you would expect from this kind of car. But be aware of the rear as well, because this vehicle is very light, the rear can slide when not treated right during cornering and slow you down. The base setup can be considered safe and is usable for most situations. This car was intended to work without tire blankets so you have to do some laps to get the tires and brakes to working temperatures (depends of your session settings).
Map pack included in this mod is a custom track map dashboard texture for tracks from real Octavia Cup series 2018. To use it just copy desired texture to your skin directory. You can take advantage of this texture and put whatever you want on the dashboard, even photo of your family. ☺


Thanks to 3Dstarving for 3D model, big thanks to Mach77 and ACFan for sounds, Foli for documentation and feedback, real drivers Petr Cizek and Petr Fulin and the whole FULLINRACE Academy team for testing and feedback, Joshuax VGOS for helping with tires tuning and testing and of course thanks to the whole community for their support and help with testing and every other person who helped with the project 🙂 Please do not modify, convert, reupload to other websites or use any part of it (physics/3D/textures/sound) without our permission.
1. Just extract "content" folder to your installation folder of Assetto Corsa. For example C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonssettocorsa
2. Allow files to be updated/rewritten when asked. IMPORTANT! We always suggest to do a clean install of the updated mod to get rid of the obsolete or deprecated files. But don’t forget to keep your custom skins!

Fixes and updates:


▪ optimized meshes, materials and reworked LODs to improve multiplayer performance
▪ reworked low poly interior to improve performance
▪ improved some shader settings for some materials
▪ added metallic effect for car paint
▪ reworked wheel rim and blur meshes and materials, changing colors of rims will be now much easier (just edit texture)
▪ removed some unnecessary stuff from setup screen
▪ remodeled new safety net, added some life to it (CSP only)
▪ reworked window decals textures, now windows decals were merged to one texture to reduce draw calls and to make skinning easier ( – template included.
▪ added some tint to windows
▪ reworked car physics (suspension geometry, springs, dampers etc.) to make the mod a little closer to real car
▪ that annoying limp mode was thrown away
▪ damper settings now follow standard rules – 1 is soft, 40 is hard


▪ Added digital position panels
▪ Added VAO for CSP
▪ Added possibility to turn digital panels on and off in setup screen
▪ Small fixes in some materials


▪ tweaked dampers (fast bump/rebound)
▪ tweaked ride height
▪ fixed tire overheating in certain conditions
▪ tires now should last longer
▪ added "overrev protection" (if you hit limiter engine cuts power)
▪ tweaked downshift time and clutch behavior according to real car
▪ added better damage textures, improved damage map texture
▪ fixed model height in showroom/CM showroom
▪ updated cockpit mirror mesh according to real car
▪ reworked interior mesh, mapping, textures, overall interior material quality
▪ optimized mesh density, topology and mapping of center console and other interior parts
▪ removed SKODA OCTAVIA logos from car trunk and the dashboard
▪ added some additional small details inside and outside the model
▪ reworked inner windows reflection texture
▪ reworked overall windows mapping and materials
▪ optimized materials and textures across the whole mod
▪ reworked driver steering and shifting animations
▪ fixed some minor issues with door animations
▪ added real Octavia Cup skins
▪ added custom skins from Virtual Octavia Cup ( championship
▪ added damage effects to motor hood, lights, windshield, side mirrors
▪ small AI tweaks to improve overall AI performance
▪ added possibility to hide window safety net in car setup


▪ fixed and improved roll cage mesh and mapping
▪ reworked rim blur textures and rim meshes (optimization, new AO maps, new mapping and textures, rim mesh)
▪ added rim blur and rim diffuse texture templates to template pack
▪ updated black and red rim textures in template pack and default skins
▪ fixed wrong front brake calipers position
▪ improved sound levels of power and coast engine sound, some additional sound finetuning
▪ some additional material tweaks across the whole mod


▪ fixed forced TC and ABS issues
▪ improved AI, now AI drivers should be a little more challenging
▪ reworked front cooler area and materials to cast proper shadows
▪ fixed different MAP filenames for custom MAP files for body, rear wing and interior
▪ fixed window decals priorities and overlapping
▪ some minor tweaks of materials across the whole mod


▪ initial public release of Octavia Cup mod